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The Alabama Evening Light a publication of The Church of God in the state of Alabama. It is currently in its 25th year of production and each issue contains a message and instructions from the State Overseer, auxiliary boosts from our State Coordinators, local church reports, testimonies, announcements and upcoming events, as well as reports and pictures of recent activities around the state.

The Evening Light
Our State Paper

The Evening Light, the official publication of The Church of God throughout the world, is a valuable source of encouragement and information. Produced by General Headquarters, it is mailed monthly and available for an annual rate of $20, or $10 in digital format. Please visit our General Website to learn more.

Alabama Evening Light
Our State Paper

Digital Subscription

The Alabama Evening Light is now available in PDF format to be emailed directly to you! A sample of this version may be viewed by clicking the picture at right. Digital subscriptions are $5 per year to be sent to the address listed above. Please also be sure to include your current e-mail address.


The Alabama Evening Light is available by subscription, but a packet of papers is also sent to each local church in Alabama each month. This is to be a blessing to members, friends, and visitors to our local services. Donations to help cover the cost of printing and postage are always welcome and appreciated. If God lays it upon your heart to donate to this fund, please don’t hesitate. You may send any donations to the address listed above. May God bless you richly.

AEL 2015-3 Digital.pdf

Please click above to view a sample of the Alabama Evening Light in its digital format

Alabama Evening Light

The Alabama Evening Light is available for $15 per year and is produced and mailed monthly. To subscribe, please send your $15, name, and mailing address to:

Alabama Evening Light

c/o The Church of God

901 9th Avenue SW

Bessemer, AL  35022