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Greetings from Bessemer! God has been really good to us this month. We had 29 attend Family Camp this year and they were all blessed. Thomas & Joshua Dudley both got saved and sanctified, Ashley Dudley got sanctified, and Alyssa Dudley got saved. We thank the Lord for what He’s doing in their lives! Looking forward to what all God has in store for us here in Bessemer. God Bless!

—Katelyn Farr, Reporter



from Moulton!

I hardly know where to start! This has been an action-packed month for all of us. The Lord has worked on several Sunday mornings lately. The Holy Ghost has worked mightily.

A lot of us were able to attend the State Convention.were blessed by a lot of wonderful singing, praise, and sermons. Also, some good fellowship with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. We were also blessed to have our pastor and family back for another year. WELCOME BACK, BROTHER BRANDON & SISTER KIMMI KEEL. We love you.  Also, the little ones, PAISLEE and SAWYER.

Most of our people were able to attend Family Camp. Everybody worked so hard to make it the success that it was. God truly blessed.Brother Sister Anders have labored in love these last two years.

The General Assembly is almost here. I know a lot of people are wanting to attend. Pray that the Assembly will be aired on the Internet so the ones at home can enjoy some part of it. It is surely a blessing.

Remember us here at Moulton in your prayers and we will do likewise for you.

—Judy Denard, Reporter


Greetings fromGoodwater!

We had several who were able to attend the State Convention this year. It was a blessing to be there and I thank the Lord for His presence during our services. Brother Prince’s messages were timely and he and his family were a blessing also.

We are losing a wonderful family this year as the Cogburns return to North Carolina. They will be missed. May the Lord bless their family and their ministry.

We also welcome Brother Glenn Hendrix as our interim pastor.

We had one who attended Family Camp this year.

At the time of this writing, the assembly is three weeks away. I'm looking forward to it very much and for everything the Lord has in store for us there.

Pray for us at Goodwater.

—Taylor Hendrix, Reporter