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The Church of God, International Offices located in Cleveland, Tennessee, is the worldwide headquarters of The Church of God. Our vision and mission is to keep and guard the truth, to evangelize the whole world with the full Gospel, to gather God's sheep into one Body, and to strive for the perfection of the saints.

This website is the home of The Church of God in the state of Alabama. It is our desire and endeavor to see the gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of His Church grow and flourish throughout our state.

From our State Overseer:

The Passing of the Gavel

The passing of the gavel symbolizes a transfer of leadership and the sounding of the gavel signifies proper order and government and is a familiar sound to us in the Church. The Overseer gives the opening statement, “By the authority vested in me,” and a formal declaration, “for all business to properly come before the Convention,” and in many cases it commences and concludes with the “tap, tap, tap.”

The recent change of appointments at the highest tribunal of authority, brings about such transition of leadership with the purpose and determination of continuing forward and faithfully building atop the good labors of the previous leaders. Alabama has had 39 State Overseers through the years, one taking the reins as the next was called to other fields of labor. The first State Overseer, V. W. Kennedy was appointed January 7, 1911 during the 6th Annual General Assembly.

1.   V. W. Kennedy  1911-1912

2.   George C. Barron (-Dec.)  1912

3.   J. B. Ellis (Jan.-Nov.)  1913

4.   George T. Brouayer (Nov.-Dec.)  1913

5.   W. S. Gentry   1914-1915

6.   T. S. Payne    1916-1917

7.   J. B. Ellis   1917-1918

8.   Z. D. Simpson   1919-1920

9.   W. S. Wilemon  1921-1922

10.   G. C. Dunn   1922-Disruption

11.   George T. Brouayer  1923-1924

12.   T. J. Byerly   1924-1925

13.   L. A. Moxley   1925-1929

14.   H. R. Jacobs   1929-1930

15.   W. T. Holland  1930-1931

16.   M. C. Harvey  1931-1932

17.   W. I. Campbell  1932-1933

18.   W. T. Holland  1933-1938

19.   G. W. Durham  1938-1944

20.   C. J. Cunningham  1944-1947

21.   Roy Phipps   1947-1958

22.   L. V. Jones Sr.   1958-1960

23.   E. A. McDonald  1960-1964

24.   Amos Creel   1964-1968

25.   James Staggs  1968-1973

26.   M. S. Curry   1973-1978

27.   Harper Hunter  1978-1982

28.   Hubert Vicars  1982-1987

29.   J. Eddie Mounce  1987-1991

30.   Hugh Edwards  1992 - Disruption

31.   James Staggs  1993-1995

32.   J. C. Robinson  1995-2004

33.   James C. Anders  2004-2005

34.   James Nabors   Finish 2005

35.   Jim O. Carr   2005-2006

36.   James C. Anders  2006-2007

37.   Robert J. Hawkins  2007-2010

38.   James R. Horne  2010-2018

39.   Jerry Cox   2018-Present

As Alabama receives its new Overseer on October 1st, please be encouraged to support, pray for and embrace Brother Cox and his family. They are dear friends that love holiness, the Church, her doctrine and Advice, and they will continue, as so many of those who have served before them, to work for the good of the State.

“Obey them that that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you” (Heb. 13:17).

Jerry Cox

Alabama State Overseer

901 9th Avenue SW

Bessemer, AL  35022

(386) 546-6127

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