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Dissatisfied & Unsettled

James R. Horne, State Overseer

In the 22nd General Assembly of The Church of God held in 1927, Bishop A. J. Tomlinson preached a compelling subject in his Annual Address that was a spiritual warning to the Church in his day and is also applicable to us. Please prayerfully consider the following excerpts from his message:

“It is a source of much concern, in these days of unrest in all circles of life, to have people among us who are dissatisfied and unsettled. This class, whether ministers or members, are a detriment to the forward move of the Church. It was this class that was dismissed from Gideon's army. It was a law in Israel that men who were fearful and fainthearted should not go to war because such a person would cause others to get in the same condition. Usually those who are dissatisfied and unsettled are talkers-above the average and their talk will almost always have an [negative] effect on some they talk to. And when people backslide or become dissatisfied they can see faults everywhere and criticize the actions and preaching of almost everybody they see or hear. A person in that condition thinks everybody else is the same way. Such a person is dangerous to the best interest of The Church of God…

“If there are any among us that are not satisfied and settled and are trying to influence others, I would like for them to either get settled or get out of the way and let the rest of us alone… Paul instructs us to reject a heretic, after the first and second admonition, and shun profane and vain babblings or erroneous teaching which will make people more ungodly instead of leading them into a closer walk with God.

“Let me kindly advise all those in our ranks, both ministers and members, who may be dissatisfied and unsettled to pray through and become satisfied and settled, or take the instructions given to Gideon's thirty-two thousand who had volunteered their service for the war: “Whosoever is fearful or afraid, let him return and depart early from mount Gilead” (Judges 7:3). The war is on now and a dissatisfied and unsettled person cannot make a good soldier to fight in this war. Only whole-hearted, whole-souled men and women whose every drop of red blood must go for The Church of God will be able to stand true amidst the rain and hail of shot and shell that will sooner or later belch forth from the satanic artillery which is already now being planted to use against us. It is going to take the strongest and stoutest hearted men and women to go through the gates and bars of oppositions and plant the flag of freedom on the peaks of the bloodiest battlefields. And by the grace of God this shall be done by the brave and true of which this great Assembly is composed…”

Are you still delighted to be a member of The Church of God? Are you still fully convinced about Her? Has the enemy sown dissatisfaction in your heart that has caused you to speak poorly of the Church to others or have you simply lost your fervor to serve Him? Do you find yourself questioning the doctrine, the Advice, or theocratic government? Dear one, this is not of the Lord. The enemy of your soul has caused this unsettledness and the answer isn’t found in complaining or staying out of church. God wants to restore your victory and remind you of His power again. Place Him back on the throne of your heart and soon you will be elated again by how good God is and how blessed you are to be part of His Body, The Church of God.

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